Tatteeze is a hand crafted natural balm made on the Isle of Wight containing high quality organic natural ingredients.

Speeding up the healing process and keeping your tattoo and skin nourished and bright.

Soothes and clams the skin stopping itching and irritation. Leaving skin bright and soft with a protective breathable layer over your tattoo, reducing scabbing and hydrating your ink.

It has a natural anesthetic quality reducing pain plus soothing and reducing redness. Not only is it chemical free and non toxic it is also anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-bacterial and rich in vitamins. Really looking after your tattoo and skin in more ways than one.

Also used for Lazer tattoo removal aftercare, psoriasis,  brow tattoo care, after cooling for waxing treatments, most skin complains, burns, insect bites, sun burn cuts and sores.

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Tatteeze balm