With its magic mixture tatteeze has fast healing and skin recovery properties that really aid a quick recovery for tattoo aftercare and tattoo lazer removal.

It has great results on most skin complaints. And has been tried and tested world wide with great results. The shelf life /stability test allows a 12 month use by date.

Naturally thinking toxicology assessment reference: ZCUSTOMER100223355A

Contains: Shea refined butter – Butyrospermum, Sweet almond Kernel oil – Prunus dulcis, Coconut oil – Cocos nucifera, Calendula flower– Calendula officinalis, Sunflower  seed oil – Helianthus annus, Vitamin E – Tocopherol, Frankincense oil – Boswellia carterii, Peppermint leaf oil – Mentha piperita, Arnica flower extract – Arnica montanta, Comfrey leaf extract – Symphytum officinale, Lavender oil – Lavandula angusifolia, Bees wax – Cera alba, Limonene

HEALING PROPERTIES (click images for details)

Shea refined butter
Cuts and wounds, Eczema, Insect bites, Anti-inflammatory, Hydrates skin, Rejuvenates skin, Rich in vitamins A+E and Minerals.
Holds moisture, Reduces drying, Protective barrier, Will not suffocate the skin like petroleum. Does not clog pores, Rich in Vitamin A, Soothes itching, Anti-allergenic, Good for sensitive skin
Coconut oil
Bruises and burns, Cuts and wounds, Psoriasis, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Dry and damaged skin, Speeds recovery, Fights infections, Holds moisture, Protective barrier, Sinks deep into the deeper layers of skin, Chapped lips, Cold sores.
Comfrey oil
Burns, Skin ulcerations, Abrasions, Lacerations, Insect bites, Any skin irritation, Sores, Eczema, Heals puss filled wounds, Accelerates tissue healing, Antioxidant
Calendula oil
Rashes, Eczema Dry / damaged skin, Antiseptic properties, Anti-inflammatory, Blisters, Ant-fungal, Acne, Cuts and wounds, Insect bites, Anti-bacterial, Mouth sores and sore gums
Arnica oil
Cuts, bruises and sprains, Pain relief, Muscle and joint pain, Anti-inflammatory, Cleansing properties through the body, Arthritis, Insect bites, Chapped lips, Acne
Sweet almond oil
Essential fatty acids, Soften skin, Contains: glucosides, minerals and vitamins, Rich in protein, Dry skin, Itching, Inflammation, Rich in vitamin E
Vitamin E oil
Intense moisturising and healing, Natural Preservative, Nutrient to the skin, Antioxidant, Anti-inflamatory, Brightens skin, Anti-ageing, Booting collagen production, Skin elasticity, Rough/dry skin, Cell regeneration
Sunflower oil
Rich in vitamin E, Skin absorption, Essential fatty acids, Athletes foot remedy, Antioxidant, Promotes cell generation, Scar reduction, Speeding healing, Protection from sun damage and skin ageing.
Lavender oil
Acne, Burns and scalds, Cuts and wounds, Calming properties, Natural anaesthetic, Insect bites, Sun burn, Relaxes muscle pain, Dry skin, Relaxes pain, Sore muscles
Peppermint oil
Soothes, Cools area, Fatigue, Headache, Nerve pain, Pain relief, Anti-fungal, Anti-oxidant, Anti-spasmodic, Muscle aches
Frankinsence oil
Arthritis, Pain relief, Anti-inflammatory, Sedative, Joint pain, Muscle pain, Profound calming and grounding effect on emotions.
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