Hi I am Annie the founder and director of Glass Orchid and formulator of the tattoo balm Tatteeze.

I have been a life long vegetarian and have always had great passion for the environment and world we live in. This includes natural products for our health and cosmetic needs.

I have travelled the world with my job as a marine engineer and during this time I started to create a natural healing balm for myself.

I have tried and tested many products for my Rosacea and phsoriasis over the years and not much had worked so when I started my diploma in plant science I was very keen to start formulating my own healing balm for my skin symptoms.

At this time I started my journey with my love for tattoos and used my balm for the healing process which worked wonders. News spread fast and I had people worldwide asking for samples to try my balm on their tattoos and skin complaints.

It has been such a success I was asked if I would make it properly to be available for people to purchase. So I decided to go down the long road of testing and creating a company where I can finally sell my product TATTEEZE.

After time I wish to formulate and launch more balms and products which I am in the process of designing. I am also hoping to create environmental awareness for our seas and world.

Something that touches my heart dearly as I have seen first hand whilst travelling the seas, how polluted they are and how we need to look after our environment.

Using natural products in recyclable jars is the way forward. Leaving the sea without parabens, plastic and damaging chemicals, Land without plastic and  our bodies and skin healthy and chemical free.

Love your skin… love Tatteeze!